Caffe Clifton

Tucked away in the lobby of The Clifton Hotel, Caffe Clifton is easy to miss when walking past. However, after your first visit you’ll be sure to make a note of its location for future reference. At its heart, Caffe Clifton is everything you’d want from a café: friendly; atmospheric; and most importantly serves tasty food. They serve an array of sweet and savoury bites to indulge your fancy which complements their varied range of hot and cold drinks.

We popped in late on a warm spring afternoon and ordered two toasted sandwiches to restore some much-needed nutrition after a hard morning. We settled into chairs by the window overlooking the soon-to-be completed summer terrace which provided a sunny backdrop for our late lunch. Whilst we eagerly awaited our food, we sipped on a chocolate and caramel milkshake and a chocolate-dusted cappuccino, the café serves a wide variety of drinks from speciality loose leaf teas to nutritious smoothies with constantly changing specials.

Speaking of which, Caffe Clifton have a variety of deals to cater for the time of day. Adding a packet of crisps to a selected toasted sandwich and your choice of hot or cold drink totals a relatively measly £5. For this price, you can also order one the fabulous lunches supplied by Racks next door to have in the café. Finally, Cakesmiths – a small bakery situated down the road who supply independent businesses – provide the café with a great selection of cakes (amongst other yummy treats) which if bought in the hours of 3-5pm entitles you to a free hot drink. What more could you want!

Though glancing around we realised we perhaps should have taken more time in selecting our furniture for the meal. Caffe Clifton have an assortment of chairs, armchairs and futons you can lounge on during your visit. Combine this with their complimentary Wi-Fi and cosy atmosphere and you have the perfect recipe for a relaxed afternoon (even if you do have to check your emails). Now that the scene is set, onto the food. Our toasted sandwiches comprised of bacon and tomato in one, with goat’s cheese and caramelized onions filling the other. The sandwiches were both delicious, wholesome and light. And for the very reasonable asking price of £3.50 each, a very worthwhile investment.

So head over to Caffe Clifton next time you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, or just a friendly face with your cuppa. They've also got their very own blog which you can check out by clicking the logo below.

by bristol loves