Clifton Arcade

Tucked away out of the hustle and bustle of Clifton, opposite Reg the Veg, lies the Clifton Arcade. This inviting corridor is hard to resist, with it's eclectic mix of independent boutiques selling everything from Tortilla chips to tiaras. The stunning architecture of the place can be attributed to it's long history. First opening in 1878, as 'King's Arcade', the space fell into disuse and over 100 years since it first opened it was restored and reopened as the Clifton Arcade we know today.

The simple signage of these shops is complimented by some of the most vibrant and interesting window displays I've ever seen. We particularly loved the colourful display of home decor at 'My English Home'. Stocking a range of candle holders, light fittings and decorative items that will make any house feel like home, this quaint shop is jam packed with style.

Another mention has to go 'Dustbowl Vintage' for their arrangement of vintage clothing. Levi jeans, denim jackets and a beautiful display of soulful ties in the window transports you to the wild west of 19th century USA. It's the perfect place for any vintage lover to pick up that special item guaranteed to turn heads. There is an enormous range of goods and services on offer from all these shops, each offering something a little different.

The Clifton Arcade has a welcoming, relaxed feel and although small, it would be easy to spend hours exploring each shop and chatting to the friendly local business men and women who own them. No matter what weird and wonderful things you might be into, the Clifton Arcade will have something for you, and I bet it's the kind of place that is ideal to find a gift for those annoying people that are notoriously difficult to buy for.


Co-founders Ben Davies and Vicky Norman