Lido Bristol

Situated just off Whiteladies on Oakfield Place we found this beautiful classic Lido with it's own bar and restaurant surrounding the pool. It had the relaxed atmosphere of Sunday lunch except with a definite air of class and elegance. I loved the old fashioned changing rooms along the side of the pool giving a sense of European weather (even though it was January!). Even so I was assured the pool was heated to a reasonable temperature.

Unfortunately I didn't have time for a dip so instead had lunch from the tapas menu in the restaurant. The food we had included langostines, rosemary cured manchego cheese, chicken thighs in romesco sauce and Syrian lentils with humous on flatbread. All of which was presented immaculately using only a select number of ingredients per dish but still managing an amazing tasting palette of tapas food. The menu also offered a number of unusual specials I hadn't seen before such as the Syrian lentils with humous that gave the place a personal touch

I would definitely say that if you were looking to treat yourself or get out of the bustle of the city then visit this blissful oasis for a fully immersive eating experience.

by ben davies