Little Victories

Little Victories is quickly becoming one of my favourite cafes in Bristol, just because it’s so effortlessly cool. It sits in Wapping Wharf, amongst beautiful rust coloured apartments and independent hub, Cargo 1. The atmosphere of Wapping Wharf is one of seclusion somewhat island-ed from the main buzz of the city, yet full of activity. Inside Little Victories is no different, it’s high ceilings, airy design and pale blue and white decor make it a little oasis. While perhaps looking a tad reminiscent of an art student’s Pinterest feed, it retains its originality and energy.

During the day you an buy a selection of coffees and cakes to accompany your sourdough sandwiches or salads. On Wednesday to Saturday, Little Victories also opens late, and serves craft beer, cocktails and organic wine, as well as food from independent businesses such as Bristol Cheesemonger, now set up in the recently opened Cargo 2 just around the corner.

I bought a latte and a coconut infused, toasted halloumi sandwich. Although the food selection wasn’t the widest, the quality was high. I am such a sucker for anything that is cutely presented, so any latte that comes in a glass or tumbler I will spend ALL my money on. And I kind of did, it wasn’t too cheap but by Bristol prices I suppose £2.50 for a latte isn’t unexpected. The sandwich however was only £4, which I can’t complain about because it looked and tasted so delicious that I almost forgot to take pictures.

Overall, I would recommend Little Victories to anyone and everyone. The staff are friendly, professional and really hard working. They value service and presentation so highly, and it really shows in the quality of food and drink you receive. I’ll definitely be taking my friends back here. Little Victories is also a sister cafe of Small Street Espresso in the Old City, which I now cannot wait to visit.


Co-founders Ben Davies and Vicky Norman