There are two Pizzarova sites in Bristol, one on Gloucester Road, and one in the new Cargo 2 shipping containers at Wapping Warf. When visiting the Gloucester Road store, it is not hard to see why Pizzarova is so successful. The décor is scandi-esque; simple, modern and stylish. There is not a huge amount of seating, however it is very aesthetically pleasing.

Pizzarova approaches pizza in a different way to chains such as Dominoes, Papa Johns etc, where you select a pre-made-up pizza combination, which may be fine for the more unimaginative amongst us. Pizzarova also challenges other pizza parlours, where you can choose toppings, giving the illusion of choice and creativity. However, you are often curtailed at no more than three toppings.

However, at Pizzarova they offer a £10 deal, where you can select ANY amount of toppings from an extensive list that includes feta, chorizo, goats cheese, ham, spinach and courgettes, to name a few. I was advised by a very friendly waiter that although I could choose a pizza with every topping, it would be in my benefit to choose around 5 or 6. 5 or 6 toppings for only £10?! What was this place? Potentially the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. A rainbow made up of salty, pre-selected combination pizzas.

Pizzarova also offer their special pizza of the day for £11, and sides such as garlic and rosemary bread or tomato and pesto bread. I was even more in luck when I found out that on a Tuesday you can enjoy a make your own pizza and any drink for £10. I ordered a Cornish Orchard Blush Cider. The pizzas came quickly, and were absolutely incredible. For those who love crusts… this is the place for you. The crusts were deliciously light and doughy. For those who don’t like crusts…. Give them to your friend who does. They’ll want to eat all of them they’re that good. Or maybe you’ll be converted, who knows. Anything is possible in this place. I thoroughly enjoyed my chosen combo of 5-6 toppings (still not over it!). What is more, we were given a good amount of each topping, showing that they were not stingy.

Although the portions were not as monstrous as pizzas from chains, my pizza left me perfectly satisfied….. although obviously with some room for ‘poppy’s winning chocolate biscuit cake’, priced at £2.50. Again, the dessert was not huge, however it perfectly rounded off my meal. I was not left uncomfortably full and in agony as I often am, but absolutely satisfied. After ranting and raving about how good Pizzarova was, I was even more excited to hear that it was available on Deliveroo….

On that note, I will definitely be saying goodbye to over-priced, unimaginative pizzas from chain shops forever.