Drizzly Wednesday afternoons in Bristol require the need for comfort, good chats and delicious food to get you through the grey. This Wednesday fitted that bill and a search into Clifton soon found us the right spot. Adorning the Clifton arcade is a quaint Mediterranean eatery called Saffron, serving up locally sourced and fair-trade food for anytime of day.

A welcoming and cosy interior with comfy seats and cushions set the scene for the food pursuit that would entail. With classic tunes such as Queen - “Don’t stop me now” as a welcome backdrop and friendly polite staff you wont find a more pleasant escape from the outside world. If you’re feeling brave or you’re the owner of a furry friend outside seating is available with cosy blankets to keep you warm in any typical English weather.

An extensive menu ranging from soup, freshly grilled lamb, chicken and catch of the day, to hunky sandwiches and well-stacked salads kept us contemplating what to order for some time. After much discussion of sharing tactics and asking the waitress to come back later, we decided on what to devour. For any fan of sharing or anyone looking to spread themselves across the menu, the homemade mezze is the option for you. The deal is to pick any three plates from the mezze menu and enjoy it with warm homemade flatbread for the modest sum of £7.95. With 15 options to choose from the combinations are high and to maximise this we decided to work as a team and ordered 6 different plates between us.

We eventually ordered: Moroccan lentils, honeyed grilled halloumi, crispy lemon chicken wings with chilli mayo, grilled courgettes with tahini yoghurt, babaganoush (smoked aubergine with garlic and olive oil) and homemade dolma (stuffed vine leaves with mushrooms, squash and spiced rice). Additionally a member of this food endeavour team, ordered a Kofte ekmek sandwich; wraps filled with marinated lamb, spiced onions and hummus and accompanied by a relish salad of leaves, onions and tomatoes. The food boasted a rich depth in flavour matching its aesthetics. A mezze top tip is to ask for additional flatbread to nudge you into a food induced slumber. Whilst we may have been too full to even question more food, the selections of delicious cakes certainly eyed me up.

I would thoroughly recommend visiting Saffron at any time of day, whether you’re looking for a quick bite or extended tasty meal, the calm and cosy ambience of Saffron is the place to enjoy it. Better still Saffron is open till late every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening (with the added bonus of BYO in the evenings, that’s certainly one for the students). ​Click below and head to Saffron's website for more info.


Co-founders Ben Davies and Vicky Norman